The Online Designer Tool - What is in Store?

There are many print companies online that go far beyond supplying the automatic quotation. Today there's a myriad of applets that enable a user to go on the internet and employ a simple tool that produces a piece of artwork that may go straight to print. Companies for example and are a couple of these online print websites. The essential and most fundamental problem is to convert the complex native tools for example In-Design, QuarkXPress and MS Publisher right into a simple to use tool which you can use over the internet by the non print literate. This poses two problems: - industrial supplies augustaga

1. How do you reduce the file size in to a fast downloadable applet, and
2. How do you convey a complex tool in a simple to use and intuitive format?

The main one answer is a solution to both issues. Decrease the complexity and reduce the tool set to the most commonly used features that it's going to service 80% of the requirement, so cards, business stationery and brochures can be produced. Another basic problem is that most print websites take the approach that template design is the solution that most people require, when in fact the end user requires more flexibility. If this type of flexibility is integrated In my opinion it will result in more users migrating to the design tool.

What exactly sort of features should be made available to the user? I believe that common features like the creation of a text field, here is your chance of simple geometric shapes, object properties such as alignment, outline colour, fill colour, line weight are the features that we will see propagate to the fore in online designer tools. Tools such as these can be developed in many different ways but Flash, Xml along with other platforms will be the norm.

Online proofing of artwork may also be necessary to provide the customer with a final proportioned resemblance of the last item. A PDF will most likely be used for this as the Adobe colour model is already integrated and is a proven colour system. The ultimate artwork is produced in PDF format, a "PROOF" is generally watermarked across the final artwork to be sure the artwork is printed in-house using the website that issued the Artwork. - industrial supplies augustaga